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Typical tasks

How can I automatically find maps?

If you have created a new project, WinOLS will automatically start to search for maps after a few seconds. You can see this in the status bar at the lower end of the window. You can influence the background map search with the menu items in the "Search" menu.

After the map search has finished, you have several possibilities to review its results:
  • There is a new subfolder labeled "potential maps" in the project and map list at the left border of the window. It contains all maps that were found during the search. Open the folder clicking it with the left mouse button. Click on a map in this folder to view it in the hexdump. If the Preview Window is open (Hotkey "P"), you'll directly see a 3d preview of the potential map.
  • Use the function "View" / "Recognize map" (Hotkey "F") to jump to the next (or "Shift+F" for previous) map and to select it.
  • Every map that was automatically recognized has a small tag with its name. Click on the tag to display the map optimally. Double-click it to convert the potential map in a normal map (which can be edited easier). Click with the right mouse button on the tag to get more options.