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Typical tasks

How do change maps?

Why use maps? Sure, you could edit data directly in the hexdump, but editing in a map has man advantages:
  • It brings structure in a project and makes it easier to find the maps again, later on.
  • You can open multiple windows at the same time.
  • The correct axis values are displayed, even if they are done by additive calculation.
  • You cannot change data outside of the map by chance.
You've created a map with the methods described above and now want to change it. The simplest possibility is to use the keys "+" and "-" to increase or decrease the value at the current cursor position. Keep the key pressed to make the change go faster and faster. If you want to return to the original value then use the menu item "Edit" / "Original value" (Hotkey F11).

If you've created a selection this will apply to the entire selection. By the way: You can also change the way that selections are created. Normally a selection is kept until you delete it ("Selection" / "Select nothing" or the key "Del"). But you can also configure WinOLS ("Miscellaneous" / "Configuration" or F12), so that a mouse click will always remove the previous selection (on the page "Miscellaneous").

If you click with the right mouse button into a selection, you'll see a menu will several more tools to change the selected values. Finally another very simple method shall be mentioned: Simply press the Enter key, enter a new value and again press the Enter key.