Particolari Checksum OLS1004 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneCMD Slave Files Import
CommentoImport / Export CMD Slave Files, requires a working CMDFlash with connected Master to the computer 
Accesso Solo clienti on-line
Punti checksum3
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
25.03.20211.010CorrettoProblem with 64-Bit-Version fixed this requires the upcoming version of the CMDFlash software
29.04.20201.009NuevoWarning if length of path+filename might cause problems.
10.09.20191.008NuevoProject properties are now also imported
29.02.20161.007CorrettoSeveral small bug corrections
15.11.20121.000NuevoFirst Version
03.01.20120NuevoNot yet ready