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Particolari Checksum OLS1003

UtilizzazioneNewGenius Connector
CommentoWith this plugin the DimSport NewGenius can be controlled directly from WinOLS 
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum3
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
23.10.20231.007NuevoLink to Dimsport drivers updated
03.05.20221.006NuevoElements are supported during export only the active element is used
09.02.20221.005Nuevo64-Bit compatibility improved
17.12.20211.004NuevoUpdated link to the Dimsport drivers, if theyre not installed yet
08.09.20211.003CorrettoNow also works with WinOLS5 / 64Bit
14.01.20141.002CorrettoElement wasnt created properly
22.06.20111.001NuevoImproved error handling if driver is missing.
17.06.20111.000NuevoFirst version