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File Versione Data Accesso
WinOLS 5 für Win10/Win11 (x64) 5.65  3.7.2024  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 (vorherige Version) für Win10/Win11 (x64)  5.62  5.6.2024  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 5 Demoversion 5.60 16.5.2024 Frei
WinOLS 4 für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit) 4.82  30.1.2023  Kauf erforderlich
WinOLS 4 (vorherige Version) für Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10/Win11 (32+64 bit)  4.81  30.11.2022  Kauf erforderlich
Istruzioni d'uso WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 Frei
Istruzioni d'uso OLS300   16.12.2002 Frei
Istruzioni per la funzione Reseller   18.1.2017 Frei

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WinOLS 5.65

1 new feature:
2 improvements: Show
3 bugs fixed: Show

WinOLS 5.64

2 new features:
4 bugs fixed: Show

WinOLS 5.63

3 important notes:
7 new features:
8 improvements: Show
13 bugs fixed: Show

WinOLS 5.62

3 new features:
1 improvement: Show
4 bugs fixed: Show

Feature-Updates WinOLS5:

Wir werden nach und nach neue, spannende Features ins WinOLS5 einbauen. Diese neuen Funktionen werden einmal in Jahr durch ein Feature-Update freigeschaltet. Kunden, die dieses Feature-Update nicht gekauft haben, können problemlos mit dem existierenden Funktionsumfang weiterarbeiten.
Feature-Updates freischalten
* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione
NuevoFeature update: New: PrjOpen>SearchProjects5.62
NuevoFeature update: PrjOpen: Right-click: "Search for (ValueFromCurrentProject)" SearchForThis2.gif5.60
NuevoFeature update: Create encrypted lua files: Miscellaneous> Apply previous LUA script5.60
Wichtig!Feature-Update: SearchBytesequence: Replace in other maps/columns ExtendedReplace.gif5.58
NuevoFeatureUpdate: SearchBytes: Template list now as tree searchTemplates2.gif5.57
NuevoFeatureUpdate: SearchBytes: Template list for DropDown button searchTemplates.gif5.55
NuevoFeatureUpdate: SearchBytes: Contextmenu: Set to 0 in (connected) window set00.gif5.55
MiglioratoFeature-Update: New: Select Maps where the values exceed the defined range (Map list > context menu > Select)5.48
NuevoFeature-Update: Key /- can now be limited to defined values to number2text Number2TextPlusMinus.gif5.48
Wichtig!FeatureUpdate: Twin windows (Ctrl+click on view bar, see also evc.de/video).5.47
Wichtig!FeatureUpdate: New View Mode: Layers5.46
NuevoFeatureUpdate: Pairing: Option to take the parent version (from the tree) as reference by default.5.44
NuevoFeatureUpdate: Connect: option to take as reference by default the parent version (from the tree).5.43
Wichtig!FeatureUpdate: MapCreateWizard: Can create multiple maps5.31
Wichtig!FeatureUpdate: Alt+click+drag in hexdump to beginning of map/axes to move. Additionally Ctrl to copy.5.31
NuevoFeature update: Project list can be ex-/imported directly to xlsx5.25
NuevoFeature update: EditMultipleMaps: Be able to perform multiple operations at the same time5.25
NuevoFeature update: Export as CSV: Flag as criterion5.25
NuevoFeature update: New dialog: Searches > Search Similar Maps5.24
NuevoFeature-Update: ProjectOpen > Options: Allow to disallow changes to the timestamp5.22
Wichtig!Feature Update: New: AutoImport/AutoUpdate can automatically import/merge versions when managing many variants. More about this in the help file.5.21
Wichtig!Some of these changes may require the purchase of a feature update5.21
NuevoFeature update: KF properties: Value range can now limit input (lock icon).5.21

Fehler / Änderungen WinOLS 4:

* Errori eliminati (inglese) Versione Data
Wichtig!This is the last update for WinOLS4.4.8230.01.2023
Wichtig!There will be no more new features / bugfixes / plugin updates released.4.8230.01.2023
Wichtig!Please upgrade to WinOLS5. It is faster, better and has great new features.4.8230.01.2023
NuevoFor XML import without OLS524, first check if this is a Mitsubishi file before suggesting the plugin.4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoImportWiz: Fillbyte change could affect up to the first bytes of the data blocks4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoCrash in special case with checksums4.8230.01.2023
CorrettoBinary export could restore .hex suffix4.8130.11.2022
CorrettoImportSimilar+Reseller: 100% identical data range projects were just displayed all 100% identical4.8130.11.2022
NuevoInternal improvements4.8012.10.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7915.07.2022
NuevoInternal improvements4.7812.07.2022
CorrettoItalian version didn't work4.7704.05.2022
NuevoItalian translation updated4.7602.05.2022
CorrettoFixed: Project comments from plugins were not taken over during mass import4.7602.05.2022
Wichtig!Changed path for UserModels4.7509.03.2022
NuevoBetter response when there is not enough RAM space when saving4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen mixing comments and markers, individual markers could be displayed non-dashed4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWhen drawing large 2d inverse maps, comments/markers were not always drawn4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoMap search: Bosch hint message box could appear in LUA mode4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoWinOLSScript: Unique command did not cause the error condition to be triggered.4.7509.03.2022
CorrettoImportWizSimilar considered projects as identical because of identical checksums, although they were very different (also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
CorrettoSyncBlocks: Wrong recursion message in case of extensive absolute first adjustment (Also WinOLS4)4.7313.12.2021
NuevoChange path => Adjust active client path too (WinOLS4)4.7203.12.2021
CorrettoProblems when updating OLS807 (only WinOLS4)4.7128.10.2021

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