Particolari Checksum OLS250 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneBosch ME7 VAG, BMW, Fiat, Volvo, Porsche, Asia
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
16.11.20213.03NuevoNow also file length of E0000h at ME7.4.5
06.10.20213.02NuevoBosch ME7 Renault/Peugeot/Citroen - detect only map area files.
20.11.20193.01CorrettoError correction during detection ME7 Fiat 9.1.
04.11.20193.00NuevoReworked completely and all ME7 summarized. Contains now:OLS223, OLS225, OLS232G, OLS241, OLS245, OLS249, OLS250, OLS260
02.08.20192.59NuevoNew M7.9 file
13.08.20182.58NuevoME7.4.x now also with file size of C0000h
15.02.20182.57NuevoNew M7.9.5 file
05.12.20162.56NuevoFor M7.9.52 now also file length of C0000h allowed
27.09.20162.55CorrettoWrong recognition at M7.9.5
29.06.20162.54NuevoNow also file size of E0000h at ME7.4.9
27.05.20162.53NuevoNew Fiat file
21.01.20152.52CorrettoExclusion MED7.5.11 - Audi A2
08.10.20132.51NuevoNew Haima file
30.09.20132.50NuevoNew file Toyota Aygo
10.07.20132.49NuevoNew Buick file
17.01.20132.48CorrettoProblem with compiler setting
13.12.20122.47NuevoNow also readout protection at Ferrari ME7
15.11.20122.46NuevoM7.8.0 now in OLS249
28.10.20112.45NuevoCS search updated at ME7-PSA
25.10.20112.44CorrettoAdditional checksum disabled
10.10.20112.43CorrettoCRC checksum was not found in a certain file
25.08.20112.42NuevoAdditional CS found in ME7.9.52
11.08.20112.41CorrettoCompiler error
10.08.20112.40NuevoNow also China Chery and Geely, which contain only 9B 00 at the beginning
14.02.20112.39NuevoNew Ferrari F599 file
27.08.20102.37NuevoNew files of M7.9.71
14.07.20102.36NuevoNow also ME7 KessV2 files
12.05.20102.35NuevoTest Maserati 2010
21.04.20102.34CorrettoProblem at Clio V6 1MB files
15.04.20102.33NuevoNew file Toyota Auris
18.03.20102.32NuevoNow also Alfa ME7.3.2
06.01.20102.31NuevoNew file M7.9.71
04.01.20102.30NuevoNew file M7.9.71
01.09.20092.29NuevoNow also ME7.9.52 in Toyota Aygo
13.07.20092.28CorrettoError fixed
07.07.20092.27NuevoNew file ME7.4.5
29.06.20092.26NuevoNow also Toyota Aygo 1.0L
25.03.20092.25NuevoNew file Lada Priora
02.10.20082.24NuevoRecognition modified at M7.9.7: Lada Niva
22.09.20082.23CorrettoPlacement for readout protection modified at ME7 Fiat