Particolari Checksum OLS280 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneSiemens SID803, SID201
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
17.01.20232.56NuevoNew SID9xx identification.
07.11.20222.55CorrettoBug fix that causes errors on some files.
27.10.20222.54NuevoSID908: Special handling of ZENC files
17.08.20222.53NuevoCrash fixed
20.06.20222.52NuevoNew file size Siemens SID9xx.
24.02.20222.51NuevoSID9xx - bug fixed in connection with Zenc import.
28.04.20212.50NuevoFile size of SID904/SID913/SID914 now 880000h - 980000h
26.04.20212.49NuevoNow also SID904 with filesize of 8BFF80h
24.11.20202.48NuevoChinese ECU with file length of 180000h
16.03.20202.47NuevoAdditional file length at SID908
05.03.20202.46NuevoNew file length for Siemens SID9xx.
08.11.20192.45NuevoHandling of SID9xx files improved
22.03.20192.44NuevoNow also SID914 with size of 480000h
21.02.20192.43NuevoSID804/904 also as 280000h binary file
24.01.20192.42CorrettoFord Territory SID204 identified as SID202 by error
11.07.20182.41NuevoSID902/904: File size now also 400000h
27.03.20182.40NuevoNow also EasyU in Iran Khodro 207
13.07.20162.38NuevoNow also filesize of 1BD080h at SID301
28.12.20152.37NuevoNow also SID904
30.10.20152.36NuevoSID803: Possible processor size now 70000h - 710000h
30.05.20142.35CorrettoInvalid elements will not be inserted into the element list
04.02.20132.34CorrettoElement recognition did not work at some vbf files
14.10.20112.33NuevoNow also only data area at SID902
24.11.20102.32NuevoNow also SID803A Genius file
21.04.20102.31NuevoNow also SID201 mit 4MB eprom
07.04.20102.30NuevoNow also 9MB Optican file
18.03.20102.29NuevoNow also SID 803 Genius files
23.02.20102.28NuevoExpecially for Markus
13.07.20092.27NuevoNew VBF file
13.05.20092.26CorrettoRecognition modified
12.02.20092.25NuevoPlacement of the readout protection changed at SID202
26.01.20092.24NuevoNow also Landrover SID201 from VBF file
04.12.20082.23NuevoFurther file Volvo SID803
27.10.20082.22NuevoSID803 recognition adjusted to OLS1001
21.05.20082.21NuevoPlace for readout protection modified at SID803
12.03.20082.20NuevoChecksum interface updated
04.10.20072.19NuevoNow also serial files SID 304 in Renault Clio
12.09.20072.18NuevoNow also Ford-SMax with vSpire
12.07.20072.17NuevoNew file Renault
24.05.20072.16NuevoNow also SID303 Nissan Quashqai