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UtilizzazioneTunerPro Xdf-Import + Export (Beta)
CommentoImports map from TunerPro Xdf files 
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Hinweis: Dieses Plugin befindet sich im Experimental-Stadium. Es können zwar viele Dateien importiert werden, aber es gibt auch eine ganze Menge (z.B. nicht-XML-Dateien), bei denen das nicht geht. Wer eine solche Datei hat, bitte an EVC schicken. Weiterhin können wir keine Garantie dafür übernehmen, das künftig alle Dateien dieser Art importiert werden können.

Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
09.09.20211.026CorrettoAxes were swapped incorrectly for some maps
26.08.20211.025NuevoImport of special-case-axis supported
28.06.20211.024NuevoAxes with user-defined texts
18.05.20211.023CorrettoSeveral import errors fixed
11.05.20211.022CorrettoFixed another variation of wrong axes
11.05.20211.021CorrettoSome axes could be imported wrong
24.09.20201.020CorrettoPossible crash during import since previous update
16.09.20201.019CorrettoIncorrect userdef-axis for some files
16.09.20201.019CorrettoWrong addresses for some files
10.06.20201.018CorrettoUnused dialog elements removed, which were visible when starting without drag+drop
24.04.20201.017CorrettoExport didnt use element offsets
02.04.20201.016CorrettoExport of very small factors didnt work properly
27.01.20201.015CorrettoBetter error message when file cant be imported
22.01.20201.014CorrettoProblem with quotation mark in folder name
07.01.20201.013CorrettoDetail error
19.12.20191.012CorrettoWrong precision if nothing was entered in WinOLS
13.12.20191.011CorrettoSeveral corrections in the export process
27.11.20191.010NuevoNow with XDF export Beta! In WinOLS start it via Projekt Export & Import.
12.11.20191.009CorrettoCrash for some files
29.10.20191.008NuevoSign-detection improved
29.10.20191.008NuevoSkip-bytes are now supported
22.10.20191.007NuevoSearch-line accepts OR conditions: AB,XY
22.10.20191.007NuevoDrag+Drop of text file into last wizard page searches for all lines of the file
11.09.20191.006NuevoImport with offset or elements now supported
01.04.20191.005NuevoEndian detection improved
14.02.20191.004CorrettoSome fields were not imported
13.02.20191.003CorrettoFor file format variations axis data was not imported
30.10.20181.002NuevoSingle values can now be imported, too
18.07.20181.001NuevoSecond internal file format is now supported
16.05.20181.00NuevoFirst release