Particolari Checksum OLS805 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneTRW Volvo Truck
CommentoEMS2.3 cannot be corrected because of RSA checksum 
Accesso Erfordert WinOLS
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Alle Angaben für WinOLS5. Checksummen für WinOLS4 werden ab dem 31.12.2022 nicht mehr aktualisiert.
Data Versione*Revisione
02.12.20212.38CorrettoTRW Volvo Truck EMS2.3: Error correction to exclude wrong checksums.
22.06.20212.37CorrettoSingle checksums outside the map area are hidden.
17.06.20212.36CorrettoPartially incorrect checksum removed, which is only calculated over a small area outside the map area.
28.05.20212.35CorrettoLarge EMS3.2 files 0x840000 + 0x844000 are now found regardless of the entered elements.
22.03.20212.34CorrettoFixed a bug that caused some files to crash.
12.03.20212.33NuevoEMS2.3 revised and new size implemented 0x840000 + 0x844000
04.02.20212.32CorrettoWrong identification removed.
20.01.20212.31NuevoNew ACM - EMS2.3 identification.
29.08.20202.30CorrettoChecksum blocks were not found
15.05.20202.29NuevoNew ACM file
03.04.20202.28CorrettoWrong block start fixed
10.03.20202.27CorrettoCrash at short files 10000h fixed
24.01.20202.26NuevoNow also EMS2 from Mack MP7
04.12.20192.25NuevoNow RSA warning at EMS2.3
19.03.20192.24CorrettoError in detection could cause a crash
14.03.20192.23NuevoNew ACM file
10.12.20182.22NuevoTest TRW ACM
30.07.20182.21NuevoTest EMS2.3
06.03.20182.20NuevoNew file
20.02.20172.19NuevoRecognition EMS2 improved
27.01.20162.18NuevoRecognition of hex files improved
13.01.20162.17NuevoNow also EMS2.2 hex file
28.01.20142.16NuevoNew file
12.12.20132.15NuevoNew file
17.01.20132.14CorrettoProblem with compiler setting
04.12.20122.13NuevoNew EMS2.2 file
12.07.20112.12NuevoNow also file length 201000h at EMS2.2
08.11.20102.11CorrettoProblem with new EMS2.2 file fixed
27.09.20102.10NuevoNew EMS2.2 file
13.07.20102.09NuevoNew EMS2 file
18.05.20092.08CorrettoBlock recognition modified
17.03.20092.07CorrettoProblem at EMS2 with offset fixed
16.03.20092.06NuevoNow also EMS2.2 P03
04.02.20092.05NuevoAlternative placement of the readout protection
24.04.20082.04NuevoNow also serial files of new EMS2 ECUs
12.03.20082.01NuevoChecksum interface updated
24.10.20072.01NuevoNow also Byteshooter files