Particolari Checksum OLS807 - Cliente : non registrati

UtilizzazioneBosch MED17
CommentoECUs with tuning protection: Only BSL bootmode, no OBD2 programming 
Accesso Solo clienti on-line
Punti checksum4
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
18.09.20192.98NuevoAdditional project sizes added for EEprom.
16.09.20192.97NuevoNew projectsize for Eeprom implemented
07.08.20192.96NuevoEEprom checksum improved
22.07.20192.94CorrettoProblem after VS update fixed
21.07.20192.93CorrettoError in Compiler settings
19.07.20192.92NuevoNew Ford file
29.05.20192.91NuevoWarning at EDC17CV4x because of not corectable checksum
30.04.20192.90CorrettoEEprom checksum calculation fixed
15.04.20192.89NuevoFurther EEprom checksum calculation implemented
15.03.20192.88NuevoMaximum project size now 90.0000h
12.11.20182.87NuevoNew Ford file
23.05.20182.86CorrettoSub blocks with addresses Axxx.xxxx were not translated
23.04.20182.85NuevoImproved handling of hex files
27.03.20182.84NuevoTest: CompFix also at MED17
09.12.20172.83NuevoNew Ford file
21.11.20172.82CorrettoFord detection improved, CompFix only at EDC17
19.11.20172.81CorrettoSometimes the Ford-CS was mistakenly found
16.11.20172.80NuevoAs an alternative to the compatibility test checksum, there is now a New: Fix Compatibility Test Checksum. This improves the behavior especially with OBD2 programming.
15.11.20172.79NuevoNew Ford file
08.07.20162.78NuevoTimeout for extended calculation increased
16.06.20162.77CorrettoExtended calculation was slow
08.06.20162.76CorrettoCouldn't be loaded on some systems
23.12.20152.75CorrettoME17.8.3 was recognized as EDC17
21.12.20152.74CorrettoPossible problem fixed
15.10.20152.73CorrettoPossible Crash fixed
14.10.20152.72NuevoCheck of extended RSA calculation improved
20.08.20152.71NuevoNow with EEprom checksum correction
07.07.20152.70NuevoRecognition of truck files improved
15.05.20152.69CorrettoCrash fixed
15.05.20152.68CorrettoSometimes the RSA CS was not recognized as corrected
13.05.20152.67CorrettoCrashes on some computers fixed
21.04.20152.66NuevoNow file size up to 8MB; Sometimes the readout protection could not be placed
20.04.20152.65CorrettoAt one file the key was not detected
18.04.20152.64NuevoTruck support improved
17.04.20152.63NuevoNew Ford file
03.04.20152.62CorrettoA checksum block was not recognized which is outside a data block
27.03.20152.61NuevoAlways insert virtual elements: Maps are always in element -data-
28.01.20152.60NuevoNew Ford Focus file
30.12.20142.59CorrettoCrash at some files
24.12.20142.58NuevoSpeed improved at checksum block search