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UtilizzazioneOpel 2010
Accesso Solo clienti on-line
Punti checksum2
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Dettaglio versione
Data Versione*Revisione
11.05.20202.44NuevoNew file Colorado.
29.01.20202.43NuevoNew E92 file
14.02.20192.42NuevoNew file
08.01.20192.41NuevoNew Chevrolet file
19.02.20182.40NuevoNew Opel Mokka file
29.09.20172.39CorrettoError fixed at calculation of files, which were already calculated by other software
19.04.20172.38NuevoNew file
21.02.20172.37NuevoNew file
05.12.20162.36NuevoNew Buick file
11.10.20162.35NuevoNow also file size of 600000
13.08.20162.34CorrettoNew file: Block was not found
09.08.20162.33NuevoEnd of file recognition improved
18.05.20162.32NuevoNow also 4MB files
19.11.20152.31CorrettoIn some files the patch tag block was located on a checksum result
17.11.20152.30NuevoNew file
11.11.20152.29NuevoNew file
10.09.20152.28NuevoNew file
23.03.20152.27NuevoNew file
21.03.20142.26NuevoNew file
11.03.20142.25NuevoNow also recognition of 921...
09.02.20142.24NuevoNow also filesize of 1F0000h
06.12.20132.23CorrettoBlock recognition extended
09.10.20132.22NuevoNow also size of A0000h
06.08.20132.21NuevoUpdate of the block end recognition
29.07.20132.20NuevoPlacement of patch tag block improved
27.03.20132.19NuevoNow also file length of 100000h allowed for CMD files
17.01.20132.18CorrettoProblem with compiler setting
08.01.20132.17NuevoRecognition improved for Opel Mokka
23.11.20122.16NuevoNow also 3MB files
31.07.20122.15NuevoIdentification extended
04.07.20122.14NuevoBlock end identification extended
01.06.20122.13NuevoRecognition modified for Ford Sierra
30.04.20122.12NuevoRecognition modified for one file with wrong end marker
23.04.20122.11CorrettoError at block end recognition fixed
13.04.20122.10NuevoNew TCU file
02.03.20122.09NuevoNew file
23.12.20112.07NuevoThere are more checksums
07.12.20112.06NuevoAdditional CS in some files found
26.10.20112.05NuevoException at new file
20.10.20112.04CorrettoRecognition modified for Vauxhall VXR