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File Version Date Access
WinOLS 5 for Win10 (64 bit) 5.12  30.7.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS 5 (previous version) for Win10 (64 bit)  5.11  25.6.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.67  30.7.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.66  25.6.2021  registered customers only
WinOLS demo version 4.64 31.5.2021 free
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
NewApply changes: Offset determination improved4.6730.07.2021
New2x8 Export: Key export can be activated individually (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewAccelerated: Script generation for complex projects (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewChecksumOnline revised (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewCopyMapProperties: Text assignments are now included in Factor/Offset (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewExport without checksums: Reset sync blocks of plugins to original (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewImportSimilar: Shadow data hint no longer as text/link, but disable dialog / fade tip. (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewImportWiz: Support enter key as default for all pages (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewImportWiz: Coded warning improved (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewMapDB: Can configure folders (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewMass export: Also export ini files (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewNew project types: Forestry/Forestry Engine, Stationary Engine/Stationary Engine (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewSelectVersion: Autodiscover accelerated (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewScript generation: Also pot. map can be used (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewScript generation: Better range generation (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewImproved: F12>Clients => Search folder automatically (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewImproved: Phoenix map search (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
NewLess space between toolbar icons (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedImportWizFile: Focus was not on file list by default (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedWith ImportSimilar it was not possible to save the password when buying online (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedF12>Clients => Error at Browse for empty line (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedF12>Set client did not work correctly (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedF12>Clients: Error in context menu for empty line (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedImport of large files could be lame (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedOpen map by double click could lead to selection in map (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedNo progress indicators when opening the ProjectOpen dialog (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedKey-Encryption was wrong when exporting as 2x84.6730.07.2021
FixedConnect: Orange button did not work for search by name/id if elements were used (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedClients without backslash at the end caused path problems (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedPlus sign did not work with English keyboard (with Shift) (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedPrjProperties flicker when opening (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedSearch dialog open, open in sidebar by double click => address range is not updated (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
FixedSwitch between WinOLS4&5 has reset toolbar4.6730.07.2021
Fixedkp-Import: folder structure was partly not taken over correctly4.6730.07.2021
Fixedkp-Import: Undo worked only partially (WinOLS5 only)4.6730.07.2021
Important!Workaround against crashes caused by embedded Adobe Acrobat at version/project comment (WinOLS5 only).4.6625.06.2021
NewChangeByEdit: New Mode: Set Absolute (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewFaster: Transfer large selections via pairing (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewFaster: Administration work for "All clients" (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewMap-list: Right click, new folder => Create at the level where you clicked (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewMap-List: Scroll at Drag+Drop to the edge of the list (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewClick in Map-list: Make Map- not only visible in hexdump, but show it in the middle of the hexdump (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewConnect: middle search buttons are now clickable as automatic (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewLUA: projectImportFromOls and projectFindSimilarProjects extended (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewNew: F12 > Edit> Change line by cursor left/right (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewNew: Selection > Deselect (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewPrjOpen: Also for AllClients copy/move by context menu (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewPrjOpen: Delete function also for "All Clients" (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewSelectVersion: % of bytes different from Org in hexdump (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewSelectVersion: Differences compared to pre/parent version (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewSearch dialog: Search history increased from 16 to 64 previous searches (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewImproved: F12 > Clients (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
NewVertical scrolling in 2d mode much finer (WinOLS5 only)4.6625.06.2021
FixedChange swap afterwards => Overview was not updated4.6625.06.2021
FixedImportWiz > Similar: If you selected "All clients" from the beginning, it was not updated4.6625.06.2021
FixedInterpolate did not update difference list4.6625.06.2021
FixedConfiguring clients did not work correctly in the beginner version4.6625.06.2021
FixedChange sign via toolbar did not update difference list4.6625.06.2021
FixedFinished overview function did not update difference list4.6625.06.2021
FixedHotkeys were duplicated in toolbar texts4.6625.06.2021
FixedInplace-Edit by number input did not work with read-only projects4.6625.06.2021
FixedConnect, open Map-, change Map- sidebar size, activate hexdump => window size was wrong4.6625.06.2021
FixedConnect: red/orange tooltip for search buttons is cut off4.6625.06.2021
FixedSwitch customer list from ODBC to internal did not work4.6625.06.2021
FixedNewKennfeld did not update difference list4.6625.06.2021
FixedSelectVersion: Fixed: Hexdump could be at negative address and thus at the end of the list4.6625.06.2021
FixedProblems with the minimize/maximize buttons4.6501.06.2021
NewIf the client name in the ImportWizard is empty, also show the path4.6431.05.2021
NewPrjOpen: Find+Replace now replaces (if possible) multiple times in the same field4.6431.05.2021
FixedCloseAllMaps: Frame buttons of the hexdump could disappear4.6431.05.2021
FixedGraphic error at "Import directory4.6431.05.2021
FixedMessageBox because of invalid ols-file could appear in background4.6431.05.2021
FixedPrjOpen and then immediately double click in version sidebar opened wrong version4.6431.05.2021
Fixedols import could fail or import into wrong client4.6431.05.2021
FixedWindows10 button did not work correctly for one client4.6431.05.2021
FixedProblems with MessageBox when ImportSimilar scan included a corrupt file4.6431.05.2021
FixedWorkaround for problems with click in titlebar4.6431.05.2021
FixedCrash when importing as element4.6326.05.2021
FixedImportWiz: If only 1 client and other path was selected, then client selection did not appear4.6326.05.2021
FixedImportWiz: If current folder was invalid, then selection was not saved permanently4.6326.05.2021
FixedWhen exporting, there could be a wrong message that CS was not corrected4.6326.05.2021
Important!Client during import is now independent from the rest of WinOLS4.6221.05.2021
NewMapDB: Flickering reduced (WinOLS5 only)4.6221.05.2021
NewNew location for downloaded resellers cache.dir (C:\Users\Public\Evc)4.6221.05.2021
NewFaster: AllResellers (WinOLS5 only)4.6221.05.2021
NewMap context menu: Copy map as text: Omit Ctrl for texts4.6221.05.2021
NewPrjOpen: Statistics display date now also per year4.6221.05.2021
Fixed%, Org, etc. changed scroll position when cursor was out of view area4.6221.05.2021
FixedCrash at map with invalid float axis values4.6221.05.2021
FixedCrash when opening search dialog with some customers4.6221.05.2021
FixedChange Fillbyte did not recognize enough areas4.6221.05.2021
FixedImportVersion and directly adjust signature and save as new version created empty version4.6221.05.2021
FixedInterpolate did not work correctly with 2d inverse selection in axis4.6221.05.2021
FixedClick on double line next to number line brings cursor partially into map4.6221.05.2021
FixedConnecting: Float-Map-Transfer could produce values that were displayed as changed4.6221.05.2021
FixedConnecting: Search buttons for ID/Name did not calculate orange/red correctly4.6221.05.2021
FixedMapDB did not save the then axis data4.6221.05.2021
FixedMenu icons for marker delete/previous/next were swapped4.6221.05.2021
FixedSearchDialog in map list mode: Status bar was not updated when clicking in list4.6221.05.2021
FixedSelect vertical axis, copy and paste as text, was not pasted with line break in 2d inversions4.6221.05.2021

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