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File Version Date Access
WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.47  26.10.2020  registered customers only
WinOLS (previous version) for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit)  4.45  10.9.2020  registered customers only
WinOLS demo version 4.47 26.10.2020 free
Manual WinOLS 4.10 6.6.2018 free
User manual BDM100 15.0  14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
New: Short User Manual BSL100/BSL-ADP (english) ) - (Actual bootpin locations are here under 'Link') 1.4 6.4.2016 free
Manual OLS300   16.12.2002 free
Instructions for resellers function   18.1.2017 free

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Errors / Changed Items:
* Changed Items Version Date
FixedCrash during export on Asian Windows versions4.4726.10.2020
FixedError during startup on some Windows installations4.4726.10.2020
Important!Changed .ols file format4.4621.10.2020
NewProject content can now be encrypted (F12>Miscellaneous)4.4621.10.2020
NewConversion of DegC/DegF and inHg/hPa (Map Properties > Unit Menu and Edit MultiPane Map dialog)4.4621.10.2020
NewCreate an ini-file directly with the export4.4621.10.2020
NewAutomatic version comment can now be disabled (F12>Import)4.4621.10.2020
NewF12>Reseller: Dialog now clearer4.4621.10.2020
NewF12>Miscellaneous>Move PrjOpen option to the PrjOpen settings dialog4.4621.10.2020
NewBetter error message for internet problems4.4621.10.2020
NewPolish translation updated4.4621.10.2020
Fixed"Improper Argument" error when opening the Visualizer window4.4621.10.2020
FixedCrash after CSV import4.4621.10.2020
FixedAxis with version/index format had ignored factor/offset4.4621.10.2020
FixedChangeAbsolute with cursor on neg. value and keep the value has set wrong values4.4621.10.2020
FixedEntering a negative value in the percent view for negative values brought wrong result4.4621.10.2020
FixedCopyMapProperties: Axis-Id was not transferred4.4621.10.2020
FixedDoubly selected cells (and wrong ones), if you repeatedly selected small overlapping areas4.4621.10.2020
FixedEditMultipleMaps > Insert had not remembered cursor position4.4621.10.2020
FixedTransferring map in text mode and double-clicking on inactive page has opened hexdump properties4.4621.10.2020
FixedLayout error in some languages with some checkboxes4.4621.10.2020
FixedNew version change on every WinOLS start if you let the configuration be loaded automatically from the server4.4621.10.2020
FixedPrj properties: Crash when clicking on colored rectangles4.4621.10.2020
FixedProblem with IntelHex import for French version4.4621.10.2020
Important!Changed .ols-Datei-Format4.4510.09.2020
Important!New data field: Version Properties > Status4.4510.09.2020
NewInstaller: Allow change of target path also during update installation4.4510.09.2020
NewVarious error infos improved4.4510.09.2020
NewUpdate projects: New option: Update timestamps only4.4510.09.2020
FixedCrash at Denso-Map search4.4510.09.2020
FixedError in internal management of large selections4.4510.09.2020
FixedMap-Sidebar: Search for "x10" did not work4.4510.09.2020
FixedCombination of SearchDialog-SearchforMap, Map-Lists Sync and cursor movement could move cursor in loop4.4510.09.2020
FixedCompletely Wrong values at inplace-Edit with Map with 8Bit Signed with delta view mode when entering negative values4.4510.09.2020
FixedVersion selection: List right below had bad column width4.4510.09.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Fadetip "Readonly" appeared when clicking on Finished project although no inplace-edit had been tried4.4510.09.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Selection was not restored on reopening if the sorting was changed the previous time4.4510.09.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Right-aligned columns were no longer right-aligned if they were the sort column4.4510.09.2020
FixedRounding did not mark hexdump as changed4.4510.09.2020
FixedSelectChanges did not work in 2d mode4.4510.09.2020
FixedSearch dialog: Search for Map: Update of selection after changing cursor position in hexdump does not always work4.4510.09.2020
FixedText display of bit numbers with binary view mode did not work4.4510.09.2020
FixedDifferences list was not updated after simulator readout4.4510.09.2020
FixedChangeAbsolute with negative numbers in delta mode did not work4.4510.09.2020
FixedSelect Changes did not work in Axis if DataOrgSize was different from the Map.4.4510.09.2020
NewReset the axes: Now also resets DataOrg and decimal point4.4429.07.2020
NewFadeTip if dialog was skipped due to CapsLock4.4429.07.2020
NewImportSimilar: With "Other" import data also import ProjectType and ReadHardware4.4429.07.2020
NewIntelHex import: Default fill byte is determined automatically and can be changed4.4429.07.2020
NewPrjOpen: Shift to suppress online update for resellers4.4429.07.2020
NewPrjOpen: AllResellers: Show errors collected at the end4.4429.07.2020
NewReseller: Backup the ResellerProjectDetails for AutoOrg files4.4429.07.2020
NewService Console: How to install/uninstall a service4.4429.07.2020
NewService Console: More log info for LUA-Script problems4.4429.07.2020
NewDifferences next/previous also for map axes4.4429.07.2020
NewImproved: map detection for Bosch maps with partially negative values4.4429.07.2020
FixedFile+IniFile import together, UserDef fields were not always imported from ini file4.4429.07.2020
FixedF12>Client: Changing the default client for purchases was not intuitive4.4429.07.2020
FixedChanged cell selection did not work for axes4.4429.07.2020
Fixedini file: Userdef fields were indexed from 0 during import/export4.4429.07.2020
FixedLUA: Possible crash with invalid addresses4.4429.07.2020
FixedLUA: projectGetElementOffset could return negative values4.4429.07.2020
FixedLUA: lines/columns could be set to values<14.4429.07.2020
FixedMouseWheel+Win+Alt did not update map-sidebar4.4429.07.2020
FixedMouseWheel+Win+Alt has not marked project as changed4.4429.07.2020
FixedMouseWheel+Win+Ctrl did not immediately redraw the hex dump4.4429.07.2020
FixedMouseWheel+Win+Ctrl has led to wrong marking of the map in the 2d-hexdump4.4429.07.2020
FixedPossible crash in map-paint with invalid data4.4429.07.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Open dialog where a saved search result caused an empty list => you could not type immediately4.4429.07.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Progress indicator at ResellerList loading was only in taskbar4.4429.07.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Sometimes problems when clicking in version list4.4429.07.2020
FixedPrjOpen: Shift + AllReseller did not always skip update process4.4429.07.2020
FixedScriptCreate: For some map the decimal point settings of the axes were used for the map4.4429.07.2020
FixedSearch in % mode has partly not found values4.4429.07.2020
FixedUndo/Redo marked the project as changed, but not the hexdump (so the NewVersion question was missing)4.4429.07.2020
FixedUpdateProjects with rights could mark projects as external projects4.4429.07.2020
FixedWinOLS delayed with invalid map data partly strongly4.4429.07.2020
FixedWinOLS scripts that generate maps could contain one cell value too many4.4429.07.2020
FixedApplying WinOLS scripts with relative did not consider decimal places for float.4.4429.07.2020
FixedWinolsscript: replace all did not work anymore4.4429.07.2020
FixedY-scroll position from 2d mode was lost when switching to text mode if other versions of the same project were open4.4429.07.2020
Important!Workaround against false positives of AV programs4.4318.06.2020
NewAccelerated: Search duplicate project4.4318.06.2020
FixedHotkey for "Round" was missing in the context menu4.4318.06.2020
FixedImport of zip with ini in it did not work automatically when using "Finish Immediately4.4318.06.2020
FixedImproved: KF-Sel-Assi4.4318.06.2020
FixedClose search dialog with ESC if focus in list, has not removed search marker4.4318.06.2020
NewNew function: Select highest number in KF (in the rounding dialog)4.4209.06.2020
NewConnect: Hold plus button at search results: repeat function4.4209.06.2020
FixedAboutPlugins > Open Dll folder no longer worked4.4209.06.2020
FixedIn the case of coupled projects, the second project was always searched4.4209.06.2020
FixedFindSimilarProjects has always sorted in ascending order4.4209.06.2020
FixedConnect: Copy checkbox had displayed dialog4.4209.06.2020
FixedSolutions no longer worked4.4209.06.2020
FixedSearch in connected project has partly activated the wrong scroll position when clicking into the list4.4209.06.2020
Important!DLL folder is now always inside the program folder. In case of DLL problems re-run the registration.4.4104.06.2020
NewAccelerated: Connect: Transfer values/map for large selections4.4103.06.2020
NewCapsLock now works like Shift (to skip dialog)4.4103.06.2020
NewRecognition of project properties improved: EMS S64.4103.06.2020
NewColours: Save user-defined colors from the Windows color dialog in Configuration4.4103.06.2020

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