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The EVC tuning system

The Software WinOLS is the control centre of the whole system. You can show, modify and administrate the EPROM data.

The Software BdmToGo can be used alternative to WinOLS to readout and program ECUs with BDM100. The readout files have an encrypted data format and can only be opened with WinOLS.

With the Tester-Import/Export plug-ins you can load and modify original tester files.

Additionally we offer checksum options which calculate and correct the checksums in the project even while the engine is running. They cannot be used without the OLS software.

The DAMOS and ASAP2 import module allows you to import files in these file formats into WinOLS.

The BDM Interface BDM is a new alternative to SPI and "soldering the eprom". After opening the case nearly all ECUs with MPC5xx can be modified without damage of the PCB.

Our Access indicator systems provide information about the access of the control unit to the maps during operation.