Access indicator

UCM / OBD-Visualizer
bTrace BasicbTrace Advanced
Possible ECUs Up to ME7 / EDC15 All OBD-enabled All OBD-enabled supported only supported
Displays physical accesses to a characteristic map Yes No No Yes
Displays axis accesses Yes No NoYes Yes
Visualizes actual values No Yes YesNo No
Visualizes setpoints Yes No NoYes Yes
Configuration Not required,
only Eprom-Type
PIDs must be assigned to axes. Axes must be assigned Addresses of the marker values must be assigned -> Configuration file/Supermappack
Changes to values in a characteristic map Yes, even during operation No No Yes, through an additional program uploaded into the control unit. Even during operation.
Can be performed offline, i.e. without WinOLS at the vehicle No Yes Yes Yes
Available? Yes Yes - -