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Batronix - BX48-II

For completion of our product range we can offer an Eprom-Programmer again, which fulfils all needs of the automotive customer.

Especially to notice is the programming routine for CC460 and 87M12, which was developed on our instigation and with help of our information. Now there is a Programmer available again to read and program these chips - the only one on this planet.

Of course other Eproms can be read and programmed.

The programmer is connected to the computer via the USB port and needs no additional power supply.

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Part-No. Description Price *)

Batronix USB Eprom Programmer

€ 949,03

Adapter for contacting of PLCC68 chips like 87M12 and CC460

€ 286,67

Adapter for contacting of PSOP44 chips like 28F200, 29F200, 29F400, 29F800

€ 221,22

Adapter for contacting of PLCC32 chips like 27C010 - 27F040, 27C1001 - 27C4001, 29F010 - 29F040

€ 142,68

Adapter for contacting of PLCC44 chips like 27C1024, 27C4096

€ 261,80
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