ini4WinOLS 1.09

ini4WinOLS is a free add-on program for to make the communication between the tuners easier. It allows you to enter the car's key data in a very convenient way and create an ini or EcuX file from this data. That file can be sent (perhaps with other files) to a WinOLS user.

2 file formats can be created:
  • ini-files: compact text files, supported by WinOLS for a long time. They connot contain binary data.
    WinOLS: Drag a file into a hexdump window to import the data into the project properties.
  • EcuX-files: Archive files that can contain text data and binary data. WinOLS supports them since Version 3.00. EcuX is an open format (Details). We invite other programmers / companies to support it, too.
    WinOLS: Drag the file into the frame window to create a new project and import the binary and text data.

Ini4WinOLS is freeware and can be shared freely.

Click here to download ini4WinOLS.