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Version Date Access
Installation program BdmToGo for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 1.828  25.04.2022  free
User manual BDM100 15.0 14.01.2013 free
Manual BDM100 for trucks 1.7 18.01.2011 registered customers only
Useful addition: ini4WinOLS     free
Driver: Included in the installation. In case of problems read here

For information about this product please consult its product page.

Errors / Changed Items:

* Changed Items Version Date
NewImproved drivers1.82817.04.2019
NewImproved drivers1.82727.10.2016
NewWindows10-compatible drivers1.82517.08.2015
NewDrivers updated1.82405.02.2015
FixedDriver problem on 32-bit Windows1.82312.09.2014
NewDriver updated1.82213.08.2014
NewUpdated file format1.82105.07.2014
FixedEEprom wasn't found on some hardware configurations1.82029.10.2013
NewLogging improved1.81907.10.2013
NewDriver updated1.81907.10.2013
NewNew property fields1.81813.05.2013
NewNew file format1.81813.05.2013
NewLogging improved1.81813.05.2013
NewNew file format: BslType is stored1.81708.11.2012
NewDrivers updated1.81607.08.2012
FixedFixed driver problem1.81505.07.2012
NewDrivers updated1.81401.06.2012
NewBSL100 firmware update, modules wont work with older BdmToGo versions afterwards1.81401.06.2012
FixedProblem at driver installation fixed1.81307.06.2011
NewNow with 64 bit computer support1.81212.04.2011
NewNow also ECUs with Eprom 29CD032 like new SIM2661.81127.10.2010
FixedProblem with Deere L14 fixed1.81014.01.2010
FixedErase timeout for AT25128 and AT25256 extended1.81014.01.2010
FixedWindriver problem1.80910.12.2009
FixedWrong element size at M58BW161.80820.11.2009
NewWinDriver version V10.1.01.80705.11.2009
NewEprom type M58BW32 in MED9.71.80628.07.2009
FixedErase time for MPC563 increased1.80517.07.2009
FixedErase routine for 29BL162 improved1.80413.07.2009
FixedCrash at startup1.80320.05.2009
FixedNew wdreg_gui.exe1.80209.04.2009
FixedCrash at programming if element is disabled1.80209.04.2009
FixedWrong DLL linked1.80108.04.2009
NewWindriver 10.01.80006.04.2009
NewNew installer1.80006.04.2009
NewEprom type S29CL0161.80006.04.2009
FixedError at the input of the car data -> new BdmToGo file format1.80006.04.2009
NewRead errors can now be ignored1.70328.07.2008
NewFor original file programming any file can be selected1.70202.07.2008

Please report all problems and errors to EVC !