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Checksum details for OLS1002

UseCaterpillar FLS/FL2 Import/Export (FL2-Export: see details)
NotesImport and export Caterpillar FLS/FL2 files. FL2-Exports cannot be used in the original tool. 
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points6
More information Product page

Note: We cannot guarantee 100% format coverage. Many files can be imported, but there are also some where this is not possible. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that all files of this type can be imported in the future.

Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
07.09.20231.040FixedInternal improvements regarding paths
17.08.20231.039NewExport of projects with non-unique addresses improved
09.06.20231.038NewImproved import of elements for some files
17.04.20231.037FixedBetter behavior in case of special export errors
25.11.20221.036NewImproved Decryption
05.10.20221.035FixedFL2 import didnt work from CD
22.06.20221.034FixedImport didnt work for some files
02.06.20221.033NewAnother format format variation supported
24.05.20221.032NewAnother variant can be imported now
15.11.20211.031NewWarning if file format checksum cant be corrected
22.07.20211.030FixedImport faster and another variation
22.03.20211.028NewExport imitates the import-file in some cases better requires re-importing the source file
01.03.20211.027FixedPartNumber could be too short when exporting
26.02.20211.026FixedImport as version didnt always work
25.02.20211.025NewLUA compatibility improved
24.02.20211.024NewLUA compatibility improved
28.10.20201.023FixedImport of new file variant. Requires WinOLS 4.47.04 or manual selection of the file format in the file dialog.
26.08.20201.022FixedExport problems for non-unique element addresses
18.05.20201.021NewPartNumber can be changed during export
22.04.20201.020NewAnother variant can be imported
02.04.20201.019FixedImport of some files didnt work / took forever
25.06.20191.018FixedExport didnt work properly for some projects
06.06.20191.017NewImport of an additional FL2 variant is now supported
04.03.20191.016NewAnother file format variation can be imported
12.02.20191.015FixedSome files could not be imported
05.02.20191.014FixedAddresses were sometimes interpreted wrong
02.10.20181.013FixedWrong import for some projects
19.07.20181.012NewExperimental FL2-Export now with warning note available again
02.07.20181.011FixedExperimental FL2-Export deactivated.
29.06.20181.010FixedSometimes blocks were stored at the wrong address.
27.06.20181.009FixedMissing error message when required third-party tool was missing
07.06.20181.008FixedImport as version could deliver incorrect values
09.03.20181.007NewFL2-Re-Export Experimental; Careful with the Suffix, WinOLS 4.02 will suggest it correctly
09.03.20181.007NewFL2-Import Beta
22.02.20181.006FixedExport was bad for some file types
22.12.20171.005FixedPossible storage error
23.11.20171.004FixedFor some files the created elements were too big
16.11.20171.003NewExport imitates the source files newline-format requires import with version 1.003
07.11.20171.002NewImproved export quality
09.10.20171.001NewInformation improved