Checksum details for OLS1009 - Customer : not registered

UseImporter BMW Original Files
NotesImports XML/BIN pairs 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points3
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Version details
Date Version*Change
27.04.20201.10NewImproved Address-Handling
22.05.20191.09NewImproved strategy for element creation
19.03.20191.08FixedEndian was wrong for short areas in some cases
07.03.20191.07NewImport of delta files now supported.
11.02.20191.06NewWizard helps you now in case of overlapping source files
06.02.20191.05NewBetter error information for overlapping source data
08.01.20191.04FixedCorrection for the fill area and improved error message
07.01.20191.03NewECU-dependent sorting of areas and filling of gaps between areas
06.12.20181.02NewImport of BSW-Files is not supported
08.11.20181.01NewFormat variation supported
06.11.20181.00NewFirst version