Checksum details for OLS255 - Customer : not registered

UseBosch MS 6.x Iveco, Scania
Access Only online customers
Checksum points2
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Version details
Date Version*Change
22.10.20192.19NewRecognition improved for John Deere 8400 file
27.08.20192.18NewNew MAN file
05.07.20162.17NewNew Mack file
21.01.20132.16NewNow also file length 2040h at Scania
12.07.20122.15NewNow also Scania MS5 with file length of 10000h
14.12.20112.14NewNow also John Deere 2000h
24.01.20112.13FixedCompiler error
19.01.20112.12NewNow also Neoplan 2000h
29.07.20102.11NewNow also EDC5 Scania 460
03.03.20102.10NewNow also old MAN files with length of 10000h
12.02.20102.09NewNew file from Mack
27.01.20102.08NewNew file from Mack
21.09.20092.07FixedRecognition MAN/Scania improved
26.08.20092.06NewNow also old Scania files with length 2000h
24.08.20092.05NewNow also old MAN files with length 2000h
21.01.20092.04NewNow also file length 8000h
12.03.20082.02NewChecksum interface updated
05.03.20072.01NewNow also Mitsubishi
08.12.20052.00NewNew registration
29.08.20051.26FixedProblem with sync blocks fixed
03.08.20051.25FixedNow with sync blocks
01.07.20051.24NewSynchronisation modified => Now it doesn't matter, which data block is modified
27.01.20041.23NewNew file of Renault 440