Checksum details for OLS804 - Customer : not registered

UseTrionic T8
NotesOnly for serial programming 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points2
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Version details
Date Version*Change
09.03.20182.12NewNo more message, if patch tag block cannot be inserted
09.06.20162.11FixedCrash at a certain file fixed
11.01.20162.10NewException for 55569664
15.05.20092.09NewNow also Byteshooter files with length of E0000h
12.12.20082.08NewNew file
27.11.20082.07NewNew file
12.03.20082.06NewChecksum interface updated
16.06.20072.05NewNow also Ethanol cars
15.06.20072.04FixedCrash at some files fixed
07.09.20062.03FixedError at the calculation fixed
28.08.20062.02NewModified to CAdrCnv
17.08.20062.01NewPlacement of patch tag block changed