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Checksum details for OLS818

UseSiemens Tricore
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points3
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
19.06.20243.28FixedFixed bug with permanently activated RSA patch checkbox.
06.05.20243.27FixedEMS2303: One CS block too much
03.01.20243.25NewNew Siemens TCU
21.09.20233.24NewPCR2.1 CVN Fix: Address brought forward
08.08.20233.23NewNew SID310
26.04.20233.22NewNow also EMS3180
18.04.20233.21NewNow also here SIM2K-341, Test SIM2K-510
15.04.20233.20NewAdditional criterion for block search
11.04.20233.19NewAt SIM2K-240 now also the checksum at 20300 will be found and corrected
14.02.20233.18NewDetection improved for SID212, SIMOS19.x, PatchTagBlock now in map area
28.12.20223.17NewCheckbox for RSA patch.
06.12.20223.16NewNew EMS2208.
18.11.20223.15NewNew file EMS2219.
28.09.20223.14NewNew SID212 file.
24.06.20223.13NewNew SID10 file.
14.06.20223.12FixedFixed error due to Extra Ford checksum.
02.05.20223.11NewCVN revised.
04.04.20223.10NewNew file SIM2K-305 incl. RSA patch.
04.04.20223.09NewRSA patch for SIM2K250/SIM2K260 Beta version
25.02.20223.08NewSIM2K250 with RSA warning now.
04.02.20223.07NewNew files SID212.
22.12.20213.06NewNew file SID310
11.11.20213.05NewNew file
24.09.20213.04NewNew ID EMS2208
26.07.20213.03NewNew SID209 file
10.05.20213.02NewNew file size for special handling for SIMOS8.6 and SIM2K-260.
12.04.20213.01NewSpecial handling for SIMOS8.6 and SIM2K-260
02.03.20213.00NewNew SID212 ID
27.10.20202.99NewNew SID209 ID added.
19.10.20202.98NewSID603 IDs added.
08.05.20202.97FixedSID212 recognition fixed
07.04.20202.96NewMore SID209 IDs added
06.04.20202.95NewCustomer specific handling of SID209 files
23.03.20202.94NewDetection SIMOS16.21 implemented
14.08.20192.93NewRecognition of add CS improved in MSD87
30.07.20192.92FixedWrong block detection in PCR2.1
11.07.20192.91NewTest SID212
26.04.20192.90NewNow also SIM2K-253
17.04.20192.89NewADD64 calculation now also at SIMOS10.1