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Version details
Date Version*Change
30.08.20202.41NewNew Suzuki Vitara file
22.05.20202.40NewNew Honda bike files
03.03.20202.39NewNew Suzuki Vitara file
07.11.20192.38FixedF8T8 problem with patch-tag-block: block removed
23.11.20182.37FixedProblem at 31A527 fixed
11.10.20182.36FixedProblem at file length 1F0000 fixed
10.08.20182.34NewTest CX-5
08.08.20182.33NewNow also Mazda CX-5 files
01.08.20182.32NewSuzuki 20000h files
31.07.20182.31NewTest: Mitsubishi ECU in Suzuki car
08.07.20182.30NewNew file
09.02.20182.29NewRecognition improved
18.01.20182.28NewMitsubishi ECUs: Switched to differential calculation ie. the original file must be correct
07.03.20172.27NewNew file
01.09.20162.26NewNew Yamaha FZ file
15.07.20162.25NewNew Keihin file
19.05.20162.24NewNow also Yamaha R6 with Mitsubishi F8T359
11.04.20162.23NewNew file Kawasaki ZX10
14.10.20152.22NewNew file Yamaha XVS
13.08.20152.21NewNew Kawasaki Ultra file
07.07.20152.20NewNew file Honda FR-V
20.03.20152.19NewNew Mazda 3 file
04.02.20152.18NewNew file
28.01.20152.17NewNew Keihin file
20.11.20142.16NewNew Yamaha files in Mitsubishi F8T8
19.11.20142.15NewNow also 3MB files at Honda-Keihin
17.10.20142.14NewNow also Yamaha Jetski with Mitsubishi Melco ECU
01.10.20142.13NewNew file
21.07.20142.12NewNew file
11.03.20142.10NewNew file
21.01.20142.09FixedError in the Ducati recognition fixed
15.01.20142.08NewDifferentiation improved
30.12.20132.07NewNew Honda files
03.12.20132.06NewNow also Mazda CX-7
16.07.20132.05FixedErroneous recognition at Mazda fixed
06.06.20132.04NewNow also Honda with Keihin ECU
30.05.20132.03FixedError at some files fixed
21.03.20132.02NewNew files added
12.12.20112.01NewNow also Ducati bikes