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Checksum details for OLS820

UseDelphi Tricore
Access Requires WinOLS
Checksum points2
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Version details
All data for WinOLS5. Checksums for WinOLS4 will no longer be updated after 31.12.2022.
Date Version*Change
08.07.20242.49NewNew Delphi MT92.
17.06.20242.48NewNew Delphi MT62.1
27.05.20242.47NewNew Delphi MT62.1
29.04.20242.46NewNew Delphi MTxx.
02.02.20242.45NewBETA version Delphi DCM7.xx: This is not a checksum correction, but a patch! We cannot guarantee that it will work with every control device or tool.
12.08.20222.44NewChecksums added in data area.
24.05.20222.43NewNew MT62.1 file
11.08.20212.42NewMT92 improved, MT22 new file
21.07.20212.41NewFurther checksum blocks found in MT62.1
18.07.20212.40FixedHiLo Notation at Delphi MT62.1
15.07.20212.39FixedFixed a bug for DCM that caused the crash.
31.05.20212.38NewNew MT22.1 size.
20.04.20212.37FixedFixed a bug that caused the crash.
30.03.20212.36FixedPossible error fixed
10.03.20212.35NewNew file size for Delphi MTxx
08.03.20212.34NewDelphi MTxx: new identification
08.01.20212.33NewDelphi MTxx: new identification
19.11.20202.32FixedBug fixes.
17.11.20202.31NewRevised DCM6.2 checksum.
05.11.20202.30NewAdd new DCM6 identifikation.
28.04.20202.29NewNew Baic file
04.03.20202.28NewNew KIA file
22.01.20202.27NewNow also HV-240
05.06.20192.26NewNow with warning at VAG DCM6.2 because of not calculated RSA checksum
27.03.20192.25NewNew MT80 file
15.02.20192.24NewDCM6.2 VAG: Additional cs block found
11.02.20192.23NewTest MT62.1
26.11.20182.22NewNew MT86 file
08.07.20182.20NewNew file: Peugeot Jumper
11.01.20182.19NewNow also PSA file with length of 100000h
09.11.20172.18NewDCM6.2 now also 4MB files
13.05.20172.17NewBlock search improved
11.05.20172.16FixedOne checksum line was not found at SSangyong
02.02.20172.15NewNew DCM6.x file
25.10.20162.14NewNew DCM6.x file
30.09.20162.13NewNew Ssangyong file
21.04.20152.12NewDCM6.1: Now also file size of 140000h
29.03.20152.11FixedRecognition modified
18.12.20142.10NewNew file
10.08.20142.09NewNew file size Luxgen Delphi MT80