Checksum details for OLS526 - Customer : not registered

UseTunerPro Xdf-Import
NotesImports map from TunerPro Xdf files 
Access Only online customers
Checksum points2
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Note: This plugin is currently in experimental state. Many files can be imported, but there are still a lot (e.g. not-XML-files) which can't. If you have such a file, please send it to EVC. Furthermore we cannot guarantee that all of these files can be imported in future.

Version details
Date Version*Change
01.04.20191.005NewEndian detection improved
14.02.20191.004FixedSome fields were not imported
13.02.20191.003FixedFor file format variations axis data was not imported
30.10.20181.002NewSingle values can now be imported, too
18.07.20181.001NewSecond internal file format is now supported
16.05.20181.00NewFirst release