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The WinOLS-Features "Search for updates", "Search checksums online", "Search online" and "Store online" don't work. What can I do?

Several things may cause the internet connection to fail:

1. Do some things work?
Try at least two of the features mentioned above. If one works and the other one doesn't, please contact us. Please consider that we will need the exact error message to help you.

2. Do you need a proxy?
Depending on your LAN-installation or your Internet-Provider you may need a "Proxy" to reach the internet. Contact your system administrator about this. The proxy must be entered into WinOLS.

3. Do you have a "normal" internet connection
Some versions / installation types of AOL and T-Online only allow internet access for the programs that they started themselves. This causes problem for a lot of programs. Try to change the configuration of your dial-up program.

4. Do you have a firewall (e.g. Tiny or ZoneAlarm) installed?
Please check its configuration to make sure that WinOLS is allowed to access the internet.

When using the "Tiny Personal Firewall 2.x" we have noticed sometimes a problem in the firewall. If you're using this product, open in the "Advanced" window the page "Application's MD5". Here, delete all WinOLS entries and restart WinOLS.

5. Is the Internet-Explorer in Online-Mode?
Start the Internet-Explorer. Is in "File" menu the menu item "Offlinemode" activated? If yes: deactivate it.

6. Is a current shell installed?
Under Windows 95 and 98 there may be an old "Shell" installed, which causes problems with internet connections. Install a current Internet Explorer (5.x or 6.x). This will automatically update the shell.

7. Is the WinOLS installation correct?
Check the directory where the file "WinOLS.exe" is. It must contain a file "InternetPack.dll". If you find a file named "intern~1.dll" (or similar) then there is a possibly bad installation. In case of a problem: Delete all DLL files in this directory, re-install WinOLS and check again.

If the problem still exists, please contact us. Please consider that we will need the exact error message to help you.